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Men's Hair Replacement


You have tried all the ‘wonder’ oils… but let’s be honest 4 extra hairs is not enough. 

Every evening you scroll through Instagram, wondering whether a trip to Turkey is worth it. 

But then again, will it grow back that thickly? And do you really want to travel that far, spend £££s to be disappointed?

Worst of all whilst you are contemplating the solution, your confidence is being nibbled away by your ‘so called’ friends at the pub. 

Constantly commenting on your hair line, without realising how it truly makes you feel once you are away from all the banter and pints. 


For over 12 years, Nicholson & Griffin has been the gentlemen’s choice for hair loss in the City of London. Our expert team of stylists are specialists in non-surgical hair replacement.

We are an elite team who know how to get the job done.

We are here for you, not to take advantage of you but to genuinely help. In an industry where trust is often sacrificed for money, we take a long-term view on our customers. We know that through care, guidance and quality we will give you the service you deserve to have.


This is not a false Brexit Campaign promise.

We will guarantee you will have a full head of authentic hair or your money back within 30 days.


No Questions, no Quibbles

Here are your 3 steps to a full head of hair:

Pop into our Leadenhall Market Salon for a free consultation. Our stylists will learn about your hair loss journey and see whether we can genuinely help you. We run an honesty first policy; if we feel that Nicholson & Griffin can not help you we will let you know.

If we know we can help, we will match your hair colour to the perfect system. Giving you that authentic look our competitors cannot match.We will then look into styling options and book you in for your appointment.

You will pop into our salon and enjoy full privacy in our basement locations. We appreciate the first application can be nerve racking, so the privacy, tea and coffee are on us.

We will begin by preparing your scalp by cleaning and trimming the balding area. 

Additionally, we will nourish the scalp with specially formulated shampoo and conditioners ensuring that the bonding works seamlessly. 

Now that your scalp is prepared, we will fit and bond the system to your scalp. Every system is cut to a bespoke fit by our expert stylists, think of it as a made to measure suit rather than something of the rack. Your hairline and growth areas will blend together providing authentic and natural look.

Now that the system is correctly applied, we can look to style the system to your desired look. As the system is made from real hair, we can style and dye it like natural human hair. The possibilities are genuinely astonishing; ask your stylist what can be done!

Book you free Consultation Now

Why Nicholson & Griffin?

Elite team

We recruit our hair loss team like the SAS. It is a long process based on their passion for hair loss and their skill set. We do not accept or train candidates who do not share our values, customer care and level of ethics.

Private Locations

Our salons have basement locations so you will be away from the public eye. All our salons are within easy reach throughout London and the South East. 

Hair System Quality

We source all our hair systems in house, guaranteeing quality for our clients

Expert Advice on Maintenance

Our stylists know how to help you maintain your hair system at home. Helping you get more life from your system.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe that you won’t find a better hair replacement salon in the UK. If you disagree with us you can return you system to us within 30 days and we will refund you the money – no questions asked. Yes, we are that confident.

3 Simple Stages

Step One: Free Consultation – no obligation to buy. Stage Two: Application – Full Privacy and a Full Head of Hair in 2 Hours. Stage Three: Styling and the moment you’ve been waiting for.

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