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Gents Hairdressing


Although clients now opt for a smart casual look in the office, their haircuts remain the same; sharp and classy.


We have been grooming gents for over 30 years and know that your hair cut is your signature.


Your time is precious and we will fit you in for a express 30 minute appointment without compromising on quality.


Trust Nicholson & Griffin to get you ready for business.


Although the days of lockdown are thankfully over, our stylists learnt a lot about restyling. Or as some would say ‘lockdown hair’!


If you have an overgrown mop that needs some pruning, or you want to get some advice on getting a skin fade. Our expert team will take you through the ins and outs of what is possible.


Having a beard or moustache is a labour of love. We know that you have dedicated weeks (if not months) to get it to where it is.


Our expert stylists will ensure that your lines are razor perfect and the density and details of the beard are spot on.


Going grey because of work? Not to worry, we know all the tricks of the trade to roll back those years.


Whether it is a few persistent hair causing problems or you need a full head coloured. Our team use professional products and expert styling to give you a natural youthful look. Best of all we will help you maintain the colour with free tips about maintenance at home

Hair Loss

Do you run your fingers through your hair, worrying that another hair is going to fall? Has your confidence started to take a beating as your friends start to notice? Do you feel that you can’t ask that girl out because she just won’t be into a guy who is losing his hair?




Nicholson and Griffin has helped thousands of men like you gain back their confidence using non surgical hair replacement.


You will enjoy the benefit of our elite team of stylists who work are dedicated to male hair loss. Our elite team work out of our private basement locations in London: you will enjoy full privacy. We offer a money back guarantee and a free consultation.


What are you waiting for?

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